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My Contact Network is not just a tech solution; it's a heartfelt response to the struggles of modern connectivity. My Contact Network has developed a secure platform designed to reconnect you with your friends, family, and coworkers, and we invite you to be part of our mission.

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Automatic Contact Updates

When contact information is changed, it automatically syncs with all verified contacts ensuring that you always have updated contact information for all of your verified contacts, and they always have your updated contact information.

Keep Your Contacts Organized

Categories and easily created groups help you to keep track of your network and communicate with multiple parties more easily.

Share the Right Information

Create multiple contact cards within your profile to share different or more detailed contact information with contacts you choose.

Features To Keep You In Contact

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A simple process designed to keep your contacts up to date.

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Contact cards make it easy to regulate what information you share.

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The interface makes it simple to add, organize, and connect with your contacts. Then, all contact information will sync automatically for your verified contacts whether you change yours or your contacts change theirs.

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All accounts are verified upon creation, and all user data is stored safely. We NEVER sell or share your contacts or contact information.

Never. Lose. Contact

Download My Contact Network for free on the app store.

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